German carmaker Volkswagen has reclaimed the title of top seller of electric vehicles in Germany from American carmaker Tesla.

volkswagen tesla competitor

During the first seven months of this year, German automaker Volkswagen had the highest number of electric vehicles sold in Germany. American carmaker Tesla’s electric vehicles ranked second in terms of sales in Germany.

Sales of electric vehicles have increased significantly, but the overall number of new electric vehicles sold during these seven months still fell far short of sales of gasoline and diesel vehicles.

According to data from Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), Tesla was ahead of Volkswagen or VW for the first six months of the year, and overall Tesla will have the most electric vehicles in Germany during 2022. Only sold.

In terms of sales of electric vehicles during the first seven months, the third, fourth and fifth positions have also been taken by German automakers. Mercedes was third with 20,613 registrations and Audi was fourth with 16,786 registrations.

BMW is not far behind with 15,987 new electric vehicle registrations and is in fifth place.

In total, 268,926 electric vehicles were first registered in Germany from the beginning of January to the end of July, according to the KBA.