Elon Musk’s company Tesla Energy has introduced new solar roofs (Tesla Solar Roofs). According to Elise Musk, if you need a new roof, installing these tiles is cheaper than building a new roof and installing solar panels separately.
The solar tiles introduced by Tesla are actually the third generation tiles offered by the company. The company says the most important thing about the current generation of tiles is their ease of installation.
The company says that the power density has been increased in this version of the tiles.
The number of parts used in the tiles has also been halved, and the company has also significantly reduced their costs. Elon Musk says that installing these solar tiles is cheaper than installing the actual roof and solar panels in 80 percent of cases. will remain
The company says that this generation of tiles has become much easier to install and the time required for it has also been reduced considerably. Now third party contractors have been hired for this. The company’s target is to install these tiles on the roof in just eight hours. Tesla is also giving a 25-year warranty on these tiles.

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