India’s Central Space Agency (ISRO) successfully launched its Chandrayaan 3 rocket on Friday, July 14. It was launched from the space base in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh at around 2:30 pm local time.
The spacecraft successfully lifted off from Earth and is now in orbit around the planet on its journey to the Moon. The aim of this attempt by New Delhi is to land a rover on the moon. According to the officials, this rocket has to reach the moon by August 23.
The lunar lander named Vikram was mounted on the Mark 3 Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle and named Baahubali rocket.
India launched a similar mission four years ago, but its first attempt failed. After that it is now being re-launched.
Only three countries in the world, the United States, China and the former Soviet Union, have so far succeeded in landing on the moon.
Earlier this year, a Japanese startup also tried to land a lander on the moon, but it crashed.
Similar to the current mission, India attempted a similar mission in 2019 and also attempted to send a rover named Vikram to the moon with the Chandrayaan-2 rocket. However, the rover crashed during the attempt to land on the moon.

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